About the Artist

George Hamilton is a UK-based artist selling his original art, and creating commissions, internationally. 

What he does

He creates one-off original paintings that he passionately crafts himself, so you can be assured that every piece of work you purchase from him is going to be a worthwhile investment both now and in the years ahead.

George is a 2020 graduate of the world-renowned Milan Arts Institute where students are taught and mentored to achieve high standards in professional artwork that are second to none. 

About the Art

In my work, I want to offer glimpses of hope, peace and even serenity. I want people to sense that in all that I do as a means to draw them into that peaceful place wherever they see or place my art.

You've Found an Artist Who Knows How to Turn Creativity into Wonderful Art.

The Art I'm inspired to create states that if you look for it, hope is always there, with its light, even in the darkest places.